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Theobald & Oppenheimer
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Theobald & Oppenheimer is a tribute to an era come and gone.

We began our company the old-fashioned way: delivering spirits to bars by hand, something that hadn't been done in our home state since before prohibition. Quickly outgrowing our small space, we found a new home in a building built by a turn-of-the-century manufacturer that was forced to close their doors due to industrial changes of the day. At their peak, however, they prided themselves on using tried and true techniques to make high quality cigars under a variety of different brand names.

Over a century later, we are carrying on the tradition that first occupied our space, curating a collection of brands united by that same commitment to craftsmanship and ingenuity. Our methods might be outdated or unconventional, but we go against the grain in an effort to make the best drink around.


We proudly offer:

A line of simple, easy-drinking liquors: vodka, gin, and flavored vodkas. Faber’s quality is a result of hard-earned techniques — 5x distilled, filtered over 40 ft of activated charcoal, all-natural, and gluten-free. With a bold enough personality to stand against the best of ‘em, Faber goes down good, like a liquor should.

Hopping among the islands of the Caribbean in a small single-prop airplane, we discovered and fell in love with a local tradition: slicing open fresh coconuts and pouring in locally made rum. Single Prop tells the story of our adventure — a perfect combination of premium Caribbean rum and pure coconut water, for wherever the journey takes you.

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Our industry-exclusive line of liquors produced, priced, and packaged specifically for the rail at your bar. Inquire within for more info.